“ This Is Where The New Renaissance Begins”

Organizations are never built over night, even if millions of dollars are contributed by generous donors, and at the New Arab Foundation we know this quite well. That is why we need your support and input to help us grow as we move forward.

Our Phase One of operation will be dedicated to building members, seeking generous donations to support our operation and our initial staff, build our database of professionals and subject matter experts, and qualify with different clients and seek professional contracts. In addition, Phase One will also include nominations and selections of board members and chairman of the board.

In Phase Two and with our Board in place, we will then seek more substantial funding for our operation, pursue substantial consulting and management contracts, and hire our own in-house fellows.  This is also the time to set up satellite offices in North Africa and the Arabian Gulf.

In the Third Phase and hopefully and “inshallah” with success, we should aim at establishing and setting up the New Arab Foundation House in Washington, DC to be the center and venue for visiting heads of state, visiting officials, conference center, library, cultural events, art exhibition perhaps similar to if not exceeding the Institute du Monde Arabe in Paris.



New Arab Foundation

Not-For-Profit, Tax Exempt 501 (c), (3) Organization