“ This Is Where The New Renaissance Begins”

The New Arab Foundation is a not for profit, non-partisan public policy institute and think tank that provides management consulting and invests in new and innovative thinkers within the Arab World and in the Diaspora, for the purpose of finding innovative solutions to meet the challenges facing the Arab World.

The New Arab Foundation emphasizes work that is responsive to the changing and dangerous conditions and problems facing the Arab World in the information-age economy of the 21st Century. This is an era shaped by transforming innovation and needs the Arab World is facing: literacy, education, health care, public transportation, employment, rural and urban development, housing, agriculture, water production, renewable energy, public safety and security, technology and information systems, transportation, accountability and transparency in governance, sound and credible financial and industrial institutions, environmental conservation, renewable resources, national defense, distribution of wealth and economic opportunities, reconciliations and conflict resolutions. The New Arab Foundation also exists to address the social and psychological needs after years of wars, dictatorships, and conflicts by recognizing the rich diversity of the Arab World in terms of ethnicity (Arabs, Amazighs, Kurds, Armenians among others), culture, language, faith (Islam, Christianity and Judaism), as well as promoting arts, music, and cultural events to help rebuild nations after years of neglect, corruption, and dictatorial regimes.

The New Arab Foundation has what it takes to make the future outshine the past with talented professionals and expertise from around the world. The Foundation’s mission is animated by the ideal that each generation of citizens must live much better than the last. The political, educational and health care systems in the Arab World are struggling with high illiteracy rate, high unemployment representing a “time bomb”, inequality of opportunity, stifling bureaucracy that leads to corruption, incompetence and resentment, urban decays and slums, marginalization, even neglect of rural areas. The New Arab Foundation is dedicated to creative thinking, means and measures to address these lingering failures that make the Arab World lags behind in development. The Arab World needs and requires intelligent means to address the fiscal challenges facing countries burdened with international and domestic debts, arising from incompetence, mismanagement, corruption, conflicts and wars, and find ways to pay for needed public, social and environmental investments. The Arab World is yet to develop comprehensive policies and strategies to face international threats and challenges.

With generous sponsorship from patrons and members, the New Arab Foundation seeks to invest in outstanding individuals whose ability to communicate to wide and influential audiences can change the Arab World policy discourse in critical areas, bringing promising new ideas, debates and solutions to the forefront, without ideologically or partisan driven solutions but emphasis on cost effective solutions, big and small pictures, and impartial analysis.

The New Arab Foundation will fill the need for management consulting and think tank expertise from around the world. With so much talent available and ready to contribute, we can build an international organization offering innovative services and expertise to compete with management consulting services offered by the likes of the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Booz Allen Hamilton, McKinsey & Company, Accenture, Brookings, Washington Institute, Center for Strategic & International Studies and Crisis Management Group among others.

Having secured its tax exempt status, the New Arab Foundation is seeking generous funding from individuals, institutions and corporations for its mission to recruit the best and the brightest of Arab talents from around the world. It is our plan to establish headquarters in Washington, DC with planned regional offices in North Africa and the Arab Gulf.

The New Arab Renaissance starts here.

For Contacts :
Sami Jamil Jadallah (BA, MPA, JD)
Founder and Executive Director

New Arab Foundation

Not-For-Profit, Tax Exempt 501 (c), (3) Organization