“ This Is Where The New Renaissance Begins”

Salam and Greetings to everyone,

For many years, I was intrigued with the idea of setting up a virtual think tank and management consulting organization that can draw on talents and subject matter expertise from around the world. Now modern technology is able to unite teams of experts in pursuit of business opportunities and in the service of clients.

With management consulting contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars awarded every year by Arab governments, the UN, the US Government, and European Unions, individual governments, and private business organizations, as well as the presence of tens of thousands of subject matter experts in the Arab world our mission is to build a database of human capital and seek out business opportunities they can fulfill.

Financial contributions to the Foundation will not go to unreasonable executive salaries but will exclusively go toward operational costs and building a support team of young professionals who will dedicate their time and talent to building a database of such subject matter expertise, to quality the New Arab Foundation with clients and to seek management and consulting contracts as a first step toward making the New Arab Foundation one of the leading international think tank and management consulting organizations. Yes, we need your contribution, membership and talents. Though the New Arab Foundation is a not-for-profit organization, it is a business enterprise, with subject matter experts with in house fellows who will be paid for their services.

Sincerely yours


Sami Jamil Jadallah

BA,MPA/SPEA, JD ( Indiana University)

Founder & Executive Director

New Arab Foundation

Not-For-Profit, Tax Exempt 501 (c), (3) Organization