“ This Is Where The New Renaissance Begins”

Associates are the core professional team of the New Arab Foundation, they are “subject matter experts” in the fields and expertise offered by the New Arab Foundation to its clients. They form the critical “human capital assets” of the New Arab Foundation and are entrusted with the preparation of position papers,project proposals for funding, project bids etc. The Associates will be paid for their services based on UN professional pay scales taking into consideration subject matter expertise, years of experience, and professional education.

Associates will form the core team that will also manage and implement projects and contracts awarded to the New Arab Foundation.

The Associates resumes and CV’s will be available to clients to review and select for projects within the Arab world. A database is being formed with categories of expertise to best facilitate the process of selecting team managers and leaders.

If you are interested in becoming an Associate, please send your resume/CV to: cv@newarabfoundation.org.

New Arab Foundation

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