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Think Tank with a Mission

The New Arab Foundation mission is to be the “home” for leading intellectuals, thinkers, professionals, experts from governments, academia and private sector to provide high quality research, policy recommendation, covering a full range of public, social, economic and security issues to Arab Governments, decision makers, public and private institutions in the Arab World and international organizations.

True we need your donations and contributions, but more important we need your talents, subject matter expertise. Our goal and aim is establish the first worldwide “virtual think tank and management consulting firm “ and to recruit and sign up exceptional talents as part of our human capital professional experts in fields such as science and technology, finance and transportation, housing and urban development, agriculture and food production among other areas of subject matter expertise. To join the team Click the link below and email us your CV at cv@newarabfoundation.org with the subject line as the area of expertise.

1) Health & Education and Equal Opportunities

No doubt health and education are of primary concerns for nations and people in the Arab World and are corner stones for human development and the hope for a new Arab World. The Managing Director will be responsible for building a team around this most important area, assisted by team leaders for education and for health, providing consultancy and management services to governments and the private sectors in the Arab World and to international organizations.

2) Technology, Science and Environment

Technology, Science, Energy and Environments are key issues facing the Arab World now and in the future. This is a key area full of challenges and requires a Managing Director with a vision for the future to develop, build and manage this practice. Technology & Science together with health and education are the hope for the people in the Arab World.

3) Business, Finance, Economy and Banking

As we have seen the Soviet model of “Socialism” did not work leaving behind economic and industrial ruins. The Capitalist system as we have seen from the failing of the American financial and capitalist system calls for new and invocative ideas and philosophies that addresses the short coming of the East and West. The Managing Director must have a “vision” for a “third way” in developing business practice around this key area.

4) Governance & Political Institutions

Recent upraising in the so called “Arab Spring” states are a direct results of failing governments and leadership, the lacks of good accountable governments and transparent accountable political institutions, leading directly to devastating and damaging aftermath that will take years to heal. While there are NO “canned” solutions for addressing issues of governance and political institutions giving the “uniqueness” of each Arab country, the Managing Director must have the vision and leadership to select country specific experts to help build this key practice.

5) Peace Building & Conflict Resolutions

As we have seen in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Libya, the aftermath of the “Arab Spring” rather than healing old wounds opened new one leading to armed conflicts and destruction of social, public security and political order. International organizations so far have not found solutions to conflicts. The Managing Director must be an individual committed to peace and nation building, relying on expertise in “conflict resolutions” and mediations, building political and governing institutions to help not only heals the wounds but provide viable and practical solutions to conflicts addressing the needs and ambitions of each stake holders. All citizens must have a stake in the future.

6) National & Public Security

Conflicts and national/public security are of key importance to the Arab World from Morocco to the Gulf from Syria to Yemen. The New Arab Foundation seeks professionals in the field of defense and national/public security to develop innovative ideas and home made solutions to assist and advice governments in the Arab World. The Managing Director will have the responsibility and mission to develop this practice-providing consultancy and management practice to clients in the Arab World and to International institutions, relying on a team of experts in defense, public and national security.

7) Agriculture, food production and water conservation and use

With dwindling agricultural taken over by urban development, dwindling underground water reservoir, coupled with migrations from rural to urban areas, the Arab World over the next decades will be facing national security crisis no less armed conflicts and insurrection. The Managing Director will have a challenge with so many unknowns. He/She should recruit expertise in agriculture, food production, water and energy resources, sociology, rural planning to help develop developing practical solution to the issues of food production giving the Arab World some semblance of national independence.

8) Infrastructure, rural/urban development and conservation

Any one familiar with the Arab world can see there are major crisis and “hidden time bombs” with major cities having major crisis with its failing infrastructure due to lack of investment and proper planning. Migrations from the county side to urban areas have created a clear and present danger to government and urban planners. Lack of proper infrastructure, public transit system, proper and affordable housing, almost total neglect for rural areas calls for a comprehensive evaluations and practical solutions. The Managing Director must be a team leader able and capable to gather around the issues the best of the best. Almost all solutions address the physical needs but rarely addresses the social and psychological needs of citizens.


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